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Sean Scally did not start making films until after retiring from the Canadian military and Ontario hydro ... but he always was a history enthusiast and artist. After completing high school in Kirkland lake, Ontario, he had two paths stretched out in front of him, a scholarship to the Ontario college of art or enrolling in the canadian armed forces ... choosing the latter it would take 32 years before being able to take that second path .. A self taught photographer and cinematographer Sean has been creating a body of award winning work in photography and short films. He is involved in much of the art culture in the Quinte area  including theatre, music and of course history.
When Sean isn’t busy playing with his grandchildren you can usually find him doing research with the Trent Port Historical society or reading books on history . 
The film ...playing with fire... is his first feature work and is the first of a trilogy about Trenton. 
Telling the stories of the people and events of our historic region, promoting film and cinema through organizations such as Cinema Quinte and collaborating with other local filmmakers and artists is now his focus and passion.


seanscally films

sean scally films was the first production  title I used 

inobscura films

this was conceived in 2015 to help explore different avenues not connected to my photography

All this has come about rather simply .... many know me as Sean Scally the photographer who can be found walking around obscure events with my camera. My love for photography has blossomed and I have had great success in pursuing my passion.... but there was something missing !! I could not tell some stories with still pictures alone, I could not portray an idea the way it needed to be told ... well low and behold  my cameras had a video setting .... 

Self taught and still learning I plan on continuing this project because there are so many interesting people and ideas in this region. So where does inobscura come from.. 

InObscura describes the manner and method I am trying to portray ... it starts with
cam·er·a ob·scu·ra
ˌkam(ə)rə əbˈskyo͝orə/
a darkened box with a convex lens or aperture for projecting the image of an external object onto a screen inside. It is important historically in the development of photography.

And Obscurity ... most of the people and ideas are being carried out in the obscurity of their own lives... following their own dreams 

which is followed by me behind the camera obscured from view ... the observer.

I hope you enjoy the films and participate in the conversation..