A place called Trenton 

Historical stories of our town

ships and steamers

Its official address may have been 58 Dundas Street West, but everyone knew it as "Mark Tripp's corner".

the quinte hotel


fighting tug boats

Henry T  P  Comstock was born at Trenton, Ontario, 1820

the bridge

Ice Harvesting on the Trent river

Mary Bleeckers Gilbert house grew and became the renown Gilbert Hotel spanning almost 100 years in Trenton, Ontario

Before the Bridge there was the ferry...

William Bleasdell took a particular interest in the geology of the Trenton area, and the granite boulder

In 1854 Peter Begg a school teacher and budding  journalist bought a printing press and he founded the first newspaper in Trenton


Hazel Farley

InObscura films

Air station tornado

 Mount Pelion .... surprisingly there is very little information about this part of town .. so i have tried to piece together what little there is .

the manor was one of the most picturesque places in the area and was the subject of many postcards.

The post office